Keeping Specialty Costs Low for Clients and Their Members

Understanding How Digital Connectivity Can Help Lower Specialty Spend

Specialty medications continue to be the largest driver of prescription drug spending (54 percent) and the biggest pain point for clients and their members. But at CVS Health, we use every tool to deliver an industry-low, single-digit specialty trend.

Digital connectivity plays an increasingly important role in managing drug cost – by staying connected in care, we can maximize specialty savings and create better health outcomes and experience. Digital engagement with members and their providers allows us to use real-time data and information to help optimize member treatment plans and drug management, eliminating wasteful spend throughout the duration of therapy and reducing adverse events.

Hear this and more in this conversation between Alan Lotvin, Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President of CVS Caremark, and Lucille Accetta, Senior Vice President, Head of Specialty Pharmacy Operations, CVS Health.