Transform Diabetes Care and CVS Health

Personalized interventions, informed by member-specific data, can help individuals with diabetes manage their condition, improve their health outcomes and lower associated healthcare costs for payors.

When diabetes is poorly managed, health care costs rise rapidly — as much as $19,000 per individual per year, and more when comorbidities are present. Management can be challenging for the patient however. Typically treatment involves multiple medications, tests and screenings as well nutrition and exercise recommendations. Transform Diabetes Care is designed to deliver solutions tailored to the needs of the individual and informed by member-specific data including pharmacy claims and blood glucose readings. Our locally-based CVS pharmacists and MinuteClinic nurse practitioners, as well as certified diabetes educators, provide coordinated support to help enrolled members improve health outcomes and lower associated healthcare costs for payors.

Considerations for your business
  • How many of your members diagnosed with diabetes are managing their condition effectively? 
  • How many are adherent to their prescribed medications?
  • How do your costs for diabetes care compare of those of peer plans?
Ask Us about how a 1% reduction in A1C levels could help you reduce your costs.