Transform Diabetes Care

A personalized, connected approach to reduce care complexity, improve outcomes

The prevalence of diabetes and the cost burden it places on the nation’s health care system are well known. Perhaps less understood is how complex effectively managing the condition can be for patients. To prevent complications and adverse health events, patients need to manage medication regimens, control blood glucose levels, closely monitor symptoms, and practice healthy behaviors. Left uncontrolled or not properly managed, diabetes can lead to poor health outcomes for plan members and significantly higher costs for payors.  

Personalized Solution, Improved Outcomes

Successful diabetes management largely depends on a patient’s ability to self-manage care between often brief, and infrequent, visits with their doctor. Because each patient’s needs are unique, Transform Diabetes Care is a personalized solution, designed to help reduce the complexities of self-management, improve health outcomes, and reduce overall costs. Utilizing connected monitoring technology, professional expertise, a high-touch engagement model, and local points of care, the program aims to help members remain on track with their prescribed treatment plan. The program’s ongoing support has helped members better control their condition and improve and maintain A1C levels. 

Data-Driven Insights, Outreach

Transform Diabetes Care utilizes pharmacy and biometric data to generate key health insights, which can be used to deliver targeted outreach, face-to-face interventions, and actionable solutions. We utilize advanced analytics to understand each member’s unique challenges and determine the appropriate level of support needed to help them effectively manage their condition and stay on track with their prescribed treatment plan.

Three Key Components of Transform Diabetes Care Support

Medication Management:

  • One-on-one CVS pharmacist-led counseling**
  • Prescriber notification of medication therapy gap and resolution opportunity**
  • Medication management support tools**

Blood Glucose Control:

  • Blood glucose monitoring through connected blood glucose meter 
  • Outreach by a trained professional following an out-of-range reading 
  • Ability to share test results with providers and care teams
  • Health summary reports with trends and insights that can be shared with providers 

Condition Management

  • Personalized condition coaching with Certified Diabetes Educators
  • MinuteClinic diabetes preventative monitoring visits with results logged in member’s electronic health record (EHR)
  • Educational tips and motivational messaging integrated into blood glucose meter
  • Actionable health messaging delivered on prescription bag label**

**Available when filling within CVS Pharmacy network

Local Access to Care, When, Where, and How It’s Needed 

Understanding a member’s environment and unique challenges can help us better support them in managing their own care. We consider the best points to engage each member as they navigate their diabetes care regimen and engage them in a meaningful way when it can have the greatest impact on their health.

CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic. At CVS Pharmacy, pharmacists can provide members a private, face-to-face consultation to address medication management challenges, help them enroll in the program-provided connected glucometer, and offer guidance and encouragement when they are already engaged with their therapy. During MinuteClinic diabetes preventative monitoring visits, members have access to a convenient place to get recommended exams and tests to help prevent complications and help them remain on track with their prescribed care plan between visits with their doctor. 

At Home or on The go. Through connected glucose meters Transform Diabetes Care facilitates member engagement when they are at home or on the go, enabling ongoing blood glucose monitoring with outreach from a trained professional when readings are out-of-range. Certified Diabetes Educators can offer one-on-one coaching sessions that are personalized to the member’s needs based on their readings and focusing on condition education, encouraging healthy behaviors, improving condition management, and setting goals.

Connectivity with Providers and Care Teams 

One of the greatest challenges for physicians and care teams is limited visibility into patient activity outside of office visits. Transform Diabetes Care can help close that gap by providing the capability to communicate with physician offices, through multiple channels, at various points in member therapy. By supporting information sharing with the provider’s office, the program can help ensure that patients are adhering to their care plan outside of scheduled visits, effectively extending the reach of the physician and providing members a more coordinated system of support.

Working to complement primary care, Transform Diabetes Care uses insight- driven outreach, face-to-face engagement and remote biometric monitoring to help ensure members receive the right level of support and interventions tailored to their specific needs. The program is designed to help increase the effectiveness of payors’ overall diabetes strategies, improve member health outcomes, and reduce associated health care costs.

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Considerations for your business
  • Have you adopted a comprehensive, integrated approach to managing diabetes in your member population?
  • Does your benefit plan deliver targeted interventions customized to the needs of each member with diabetes?
  • How well do your members with diabetes adhere to their prescription therapies?
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*Among members with uncontrolled diabetes (HbA1c ≥ 7) engaged with a connected glucometer (testing ≥ 5x/month over three months prior to 6 and 12 month evaluations). Average HbA1c improvement measured at 6 months and 12 months following meter activation.

Unless otherwise noted, data source is CVS Health Enterprise Analytics.

Savings and clinical results will vary by plan, depending on member demographics and other factors. Client-specific modeling available upon request.

Transform Diabetes Care may not be available for all plans.

CVS Health uses and shares data as allowed by applicable law, and by our agreements and our information firewall.