Our Unique Approach to Diabetes Management

CVS Health can help plan members with diabetes better manage the condition day to day, in between doctor visits.

Featured Presenter: Troy Brennan, MD
Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Diabetes management can be challenging and complex for plan members who often feel the need for expert advice, but may only see their physician every four months. Transform Diabetes Care is designed to help members with personalized counseling related to their condition. Enrolled members may receive a connected glucometer, transmitting their readings via the web to trained clinicians for analysis, which can help to identify opportunities to improve management.

This data-driven approach produces actionable, specific recommendations for enrollees. We also utilize our integrated model, to share recommendations with members through a range of channels: by phone, digitally, and face-to-face. Pharmacists, as well as the nurse practitioners at MinuteClinic, provide highly effective counseling to help members with diabetes stay on track to manage their condition.

Considerations for your business
  • How prevalent is diabetes in your covered population?

  • Are your plan members with diabetes adherent to their prescribed medications?

  • How much would improved A1C control save your plan?

Does your plan support the use of lower-cost anti-diabetes drugs?

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