Member Care and Support

Targeted Condition Management to Help Improve Outcomes.

CVS Health offers a range of programs and services that provide counseling, education, and support for plan members managing chronic conditions to help drive even greater improvements in adherence.

With more than 9,900 CVS Pharmacy locations and 1,100 MinuteClinic walk-in clinics, CVS Health is uniquely able to engage members. Our pharmacy programs provide members assistance at various touchpoints as they manage their prescriptions.

Interested in how our care management programs help support members and lower costs? Contact us
Interested in how our care management programs help support members and lower costs?
Contact us

Pharmacist Panel

Members identified as high-risk are enrolled in the Pharmacist Panel where they receive ongoing one-on-one support from specially trained pharmacists at their local CVS Pharmacy. To ensure that counseling is optimally effective, pharmacists receive in-person and online training that addresses both clinical and behavioral factors. Individualized interventions provided by the pharmacists are based on the member’s personalized care plan and designed to uncover and resolve adherence obstacles, optimize the medication regimen, and address gaps in care. Pharmacists use motivational interviewing and clinical knowledge to counsel the member and discuss adherence support tools such as ReadyFill, ScriptSync, 90-day supplies, and prescription schedule, all of which can address some of the most common adherence hurdles members experience. Pharmacists review the medication profile, and depending upon the member’s conditions, make recommendations and work with the member’s provider to optimize their medication regimen through adding, changing, or stopping some medications. Pharmacists can also identify gaps in care, such as an incomplete annual screening, and counsel the member to help close them.


The ScriptPath system is a suite of pharmacy care tools offered exclusively at CVS Pharmacy which, through improved medication scheduling, administration instruction, and prescription labeling, helps improve the quality of care for members by addressing challenges associated with comprehending and following their medication regimen. ScriptPath provides members personalized information and guidance with the intent of helping them remain adherent and improve their overall health.

CVS Pharmacy labels and bag tags use colorful, visually appealing, and easy-to-understand icons. The Prescription Schedule, which is designed for members with multiple prescriptions, provides a clear and concise dosing schedule, and reduces the number of times they take medications each day. The Prescription Schedule provided in retail stores may include personalized health recommendations for select patients, based on CVS Pharmacy information. For example, a patient filling multiple medications to treat diabetes may receive information about how to best manage collaborative care among numerous health care providers. Members can use the Prescription Schedule on the CVS Pharmacy app to set up and receive reminders on their phone when to take their medications and record whether they took or skipped their dosage.


ScriptSync is a pharmacy capability from CVS Health that aligns members’ maintenance medication fill schedules making it easier for them to stay on the therapies they need to effectively manage their conditions. ScriptSync offers members the convenience of picking up multiple maintenance 30-day or 90-day prescriptions in a single visit to their preferred pharmacy. In addition, patients or caregivers can manage CVS Pharmacy ScriptSync prescriptions 24/7 using innovative online support tools. Patients taking two or more maintenance medications can work with their pharmacy team to identify which prescriptions to include and select a single pickup date. Patients can opt to receive a call or text message when their order is ready. By aligning prescription fill schedules for members, CVS Health aims to make it easier and more convenient for patients to take their medications as prescribed.

Spoken Rx

In 2020, CVS Pharmacy locations started affixing radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers to prescription vials. Spoken Rx in the CVS Pharmacy app, which can also be accessed through Siri or Google Assistant on a smartphone device, scans the RFID label and reads the prescription information out loud. This information, which is important for patient safety and adherence, currently includes patient name, medication name, dosage, and directions, and will be enhanced to include additional information over the months to come. Spoken Rx will be available in all CVS Pharmacy locations by the end of 2021.

CVS Health engages members at their point in the health care journey to help improve adherence to better clinical outcomes and lower costs.

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