Our Vision for Complementary Primary Care

Effective interventions based on data and analytics

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April 22, 2019
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health

Troy Brennan, MD, discusses how we’re using the combination of human touch and digital innovations to transform population health management at the 2019 Forum.

As we work to make more affordable, high-quality health care more accessible, we are using our retail presence to develop a set of methods for population health management that build on the notion of helping people make better choices and getting them more engaged in their care. By providing a range of primary care services, and in-person, local interventions, we are helping people be healthier, leading to lower overall medical costs.

As part of this effort, we’re expanding the range of services at MinuteClinic, including the management of chronic conditions. The treatment of most chronic conditions is driven by a set of guidelines – what steps should be taken, biometric data be monitored, medication used, and when the patient should be back to see a clinician. We have integrated these protocols into our MinuteClinic systems and are training all of our nurse practitioners — more than 2,400 of them — in the use of these protocols, and how they should provide care to help improve outcomes for chronic conditions.

We are also expanding our reach to newer populations, including those who may not have an established primary care relationship, through the University Health Offering, which will be added to about 100 MinuteClinic locations close to universities. As we continue to expand our offerings, including adding lab tests, it will help us better serve this population by enabling them to get routine health care services as well as a range of tests at the same time, in one location. We are also improving access by expanding telemedicine services, including the provision of video visits with our own nurse practitioners. To augment this offering, we are evaluating bringing specialty physicians into these consultations at MinuteClinic, enabling the development of a more comprehensive treatment plan for specific health concerns.

Ultimately, we want to complement primary care by providing a much broader spectrum of services in a much more affordable manner. We will help to integrate care for patients by relying on the interoperability between electronic health records (EHRs) to make sure that all of the patient’s care team members have access to the same information. We think this is a better model that will foster the care coordination and collegiality that should be a hallmark of the health care system.

Data and analytics play a critical role in ensuring we're maximizing member engagement opportunities to encourage the next best action.

Data and analytics will provide the essential underpinning for this expansion of services. We are building a much more robust data platform and system that will learn from the outcomes associated with an intervention and feed that learning back into the system, helping us to identify the next best action as well as the ideal time and manner for the most effective and meaningful engagement. EHRs play an important role in this as they make the information available across the care spectrum. Currently, we connect MinuteClinic, CVS Specialty, Accordant, and Coram through Epic, the largest EHR system in the country. We plan to expand this connectivity to our pharmacies, enabling pharmacists to provide a higher level of care at the pharmacy counter, potentially addressing health issues that go beyond medication regimens. We will do all of this through an open source model, working with PBM clients and health systems to enable broad access to better, more coordinated care.

By focusing on our local presence, deep clinical expertise, and data capabilities, we will help consumers become more engaged in their own care and help them make the right choices to improve health and lower overall costs. That is our goal.

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How can face-to-face engagement and digital innovation help your members manage chronic conditions? Ask Us
VIDEO (3:54 ; 3:06)
April 22, 2019
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health

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