Our North Star: Member and Client Satisfaction

How CVS Health uses feedback to inform continuous improvement and innovation
April 7, 2022
Chief Marketing Officer, CVS Caremark and CVS Specialty

Members’ health needs change, even from day to day. So, our engagement efforts focus on where members are today and where they may be tomorrow. The goal is to ensure timely, positive and meaningful moments that matter – including onboarding, benefit changes and starting a new therapy.

This is critical for our plan sponsor and employer partners. Through our consultative partnerships, we help improve member experience and care, which in turn deliver better health outcomes and increased cost savings for plan sponsors.

99% of clients were satisfied with overall experience 95% of members experienced no issues
99% of clients were satisfied with overall experience
95% of members experienced no issues

Getting on the same page

Everyone needs to speak the same language when it comes to member experience. That’s what a Net Promoter System (NPS) achieves for CVS Health. Using NPS as a consistent vocabulary and metric across the CVS Health enterprise ensures we’re all working toward a single, commonly understood goal.

NPS is a popular way to measure customer experience and loyalty. It’s based on the answer to a single question – “How likely are you to recommend CVS Health to a friend or family member?” – on an 11-point scale.

With everyone across the CVS Health enterprise on the same page, we create and maintain strategic alignment for what we’re doing to make interactions better. This also gives us a common language through which we can talk about the experiences of our customers, clients, patients and members at various touchpoints, including Mail Service Pharmacy, Customer Care, Specialty Pharmacy and Digital Interactions.

Identifying opportunities across the organization

Through weekly forums attended by our entire leadership team, as well as our critical frontline workers, we continue to uncover ways to standardize our performance improvement process.

In this way, NPS serves as a critical measure to help us prioritize larger, strategic initiatives that address some of our most pervasive issues. Based on 14 million points of customer feedback, we can identify areas for improvement and develop solutions for top opportunities.

Using insights for continuous improvement

Member experience isn’t just a survey or a score; it's a system in which we continuously listen to and learn from our customers. We regularly solicit feedback on the user experience and share the insights with frontline employees and those colleagues who can make a difference. This allows us to implement enhancements and adjustments quickly and efficiently to fulfill changing expectations.

NPS data helps us understand where these interaction and experience opportunities are happening across the business and translates them into actionable insights. For example, with NPS data, we can contact a member diagnosed with a new condition with targeted outreach to help them start and stay on track with a new therapy.

Insights from our transactional and relationship surveys are helping to uncover more about digital experiences and desired experiences. We know from feedback directly from our customers that they’re eager for more self-service functionalities, like online registration. That’s why we’re piloting solutions to make it easier to digitally enroll and fill medications. We get insights to the right people to improve interactions, and then measure whether what we did worked.

Learning and evolving to be more predictive and proactive

Our member experience efforts are supported by plan design and informed by data to address unique needs and further improve efficiencies and experiences for our members and payor clients.

Data insights and advanced analytics allow us to design experiences with personalized information and proactive interactions. By aligning communication with individual preferences and enabling a digital-first approach, we can interact with members at a time and in a way that fits into their daily lives, when they’re already thinking about their health.

Members appreciate and take advantage of these engagement opportunities. In fact, 90 percent of specialty patients have opted into receive email or text notifications.

This strong level of engagement allows us to provide members with a greater level of convenience and access – helping to motivate healthier member choices, improving adherence and outcomes and delivering medical cost savings for payors.

Interested in digital innovations to improve member outcomes and experiences? Learn more
Interested in digital innovations to improve member outcomes and experiences?
Learn more

Igniting a customer-centric culture

To ensure positive member experiences, we are taking these steps:

  • common language
  • consistent metrics
  • getting data to people where and when they need it
  • acting on feedback for continuous improvement

This keeps client and member satisfaction at the center of everything we do.

Employees feel empowered with the data they need to create personalized and seamless experiences for our consumers. And customer input has real impact on how we make product decisions or refine services. When we received feedback that members wanted more flexibility when ordering prescriptions, we created the Maintenance Choice program, with the option to have 90-day supplies delivered by mail or in store.

Heading into 2022, the focus on member experience must transcend industry. We’re not just competing against those in health care, but the best consumer experiences people have in their lives. CVS Health understands and is grateful for our responsibility to improve health and care for the millions of people who depend on us.

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April 7, 2022
Chief Marketing Officer, CVS Caremark and CVS Specialty

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