Leveraging Data to Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs

How we are using data to transform health care and the consumer experience

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March 28, 2019
Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Caremark

Data’s role in transforming the consumer experience – Alan Lotvin, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, CVS Health.

Our approach to transformation starts with the consumer experience for a simple reason. By improving and simplifying the experience, we’ll encourage better engagement with the services and programs designed to help people manage and improve their health. Higher engagement will help support better outcomes, which, in turn, can reduce health care costs. 

The key to effective engagement is data, whether it is from pharmacy and medical claims, information from connected meters and wearable devices, or insights uncovered from the millions of interactions we have with consumers every day. 

Data allows us to create insights and identify opportunities to improve adherence, close gaps in care, reduce avoidable hospital re-admissions, and improve health outcomes. Using this information, we can better target plan members in need of support, determine what tools or resources they need to stay on track, and then deliver a tailored message at the right time through any of our consumer-centric touchpoints. This personalized approach has proven to affect change.

Ongoing investments in our systems and capabilities help ensure we use data effectively. Our connectivity with electronic health record systems, for example, allows us to share clinical data, plan and cost information, and member interactions with all providers involved in a member’s health care journey, which helps to ensure continuity and consistency of care. 

We will continue to use data to elevate member engagement and use our integrated assets to help members stay on the path to better health, leading to improved outcomes and lower costs.

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VIDEO (3:11)
March 28, 2019
Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Caremark

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