Improving Care and Quality of Life for Patients with Kidney Disease

Longer, more frequent dialysis can help to improve outcomes and patient experience for people with kidney disease

Dialysis machine in a hospital room
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April 13, 2018
Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Caremark

There are 700,000 people living with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in the U.S. today. Five hundred thousand Americans receive dialysis treatment – primarily at specialized treatment centers. Treatment for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and ESRD patients is the single largest budget item – over $100 billion -- for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. And despite the money spent on treating these conditions, outcomes are not encouraging. Patients have 10-fold higher mortality rates than the general Medicare population, and are six times more likely to be hospitalized. They are also twice as likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days after a hospitalization.

There is a solution for these patients: longer, more frequent dialysis. Using the assets of our organization, CVS Health plans to make this solution a reality. Most dialysis patients receive treatment three times a week for, on average, three-and-a-half hours at a time. By enabling longer, more frequent dialysis, we hope to improve outcomes, including patient satisfaction, and help patients to live a more normal life, while also significantly reducing overall health care costs for these patients. We will also utilize our clinical assets to help patients get diagnosed earlier, before the need for urgent dialysis, educate them about their treatment options, and provide comorbidity and nutritional counseling, and help them make a safe transition to home dialysis, when needed. We are in a position to make the right investments to change how and where patients receive care – bring care to them – and help improve outcomes. Our integrated pharmacy model, clinical expertise, and high-touch care can also help payors better manage costs.

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How do costs for your patients with kidney disease compare with those for patients with other chronic conditions? Ask Us
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April 13, 2018
Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Caremark

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The home hemodialysis device under development has not received market clearance from the FDA. The device will be studied in a clinical trial conducted by CVS Health.

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