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May 19, 2022
Executive Director, Product Development & Innovation, CVS Specialty

We monitor and engage patients throughout therapy and intervene when needed, helping to eliminate waste and unnecessary spend.

How can payors ensure such actions make a difference? Our dynamic reporting for Intelligent Medication Monitoring (IMM)*, Symptom Tracker* and Supply Management Optimization (SMO)** is a crucial part of that. It uncovers actionable insights and patient management trends, demonstrating the value of our interventions to lower costs while improving care. Robust reporting helps ensure you have the best partner to effectively manage specialty spend, while driving better outcomes and experience.

IMM reporting to evaluate impact on reducing wasteful spend

IMM uses advanced analytics and ongoing support to help identify when patients may no longer be benefitting from their medication and intervene appropriately.

To show measurable impact, detailed reporting for IMM includes patient care activities, prescription outcomes, clinical intervention details and estimated savings.

A new feature of IMM reporting is an intervention summary of all engagements and conversations between the patient and the pharmacist and/or other health care provider. This can include patient counseling for a medication that is known to cause depression or a recommendation to a provider to discontinue medication. Reporting also can show information such as frequency or severity of attacks, worsening symptoms, level of pain and drug interaction and dosing interventions, among other intervention types.

IMM Activity and Savings Detail

IMM Example 1: Medication Management

Drug Name Indication Intervention Reported Patient Detail Patient Activity Detail Intervention Outcome
Copaxone Multiple sclerosis Symptom Reported worsening of symptoms 2 flare-ups
  • MD outreach
  • RX discontinued
Stelara Inflammatory bowel disease Efficacy Reported worsening of symptoms 1 flare-up
  • Patient counseling
  • RX discontinued
Ibrance Oncology Pain Potential drug/drug interaction education/intervention Pain score of 5
  • Patient counseling

IMM Example 2: Medication Safety

Drug Name Indication Intervention Reported Patient Detail Patient Activity Detail Intervention Outcome
Humira Rheumatoid arthritis Dosing Intervention Potential drug overdose/weight education/intervention
  • MD outreach
  • RX changed

Total estimated savings $65,773

Tracking and reporting symptoms and severity to improve care and cost management

Our clinically validated Symptom Tracker assessment tools and live chat resources help patients navigate symptoms on their own and get connected to appropriate support when needed to help maintain optimal drug treatment.

Symptom tracker reporting provides an overall summary of patient-reported symptoms and range in severity. We offer four symptom trackers – oncology, RA, IBD and psoriasis – with several more in development.

SMO reporting to assess savings from better supply management

SMO uses our digital tools and personalized communications to help ensure patients have the right amount of medication on hand, using real-time monitoring throughout the year.

With SMO reporting, clients can see the impact and savings unique to each therapy or drug class. Reporting includes the number of interventions where excess supply on hand was detected and addressed, and successful adjustments to prescription refill dates.

SMO Activity and Savings Detail by Specialty Class

Total RX Opportunity Total Successful Interventions Total RX Filled with Reason Code
Rheumatoid arthritis 9 7 2

Total Savings

Psoriasis 7 5 2
Multiple sclerosis 5 1 4
Growth hormone and related disorders 1 0 1

Through our enhanced reporting, clients can see the interventions, actions and details that help support optimal treatment, supply optimization and cost savings.

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May 19, 2022
Executive Director, Product Development & Innovation, CVS Specialty

*IMM: CVS Specialty patients only.

**SMO: A specialty pharmacy service performed by CVS Specialty pharmacy for members of select contracted PBM and CVS Specialty standalone payor clients who fill specialty prescriptions through CVS Specialty and is included as a core service in the payor agreement.

The source for data in this document is CVS Health Enterprise Analytics, unless otherwise noted. Savings will vary based upon a variety of factors including things such as plan design, demographics and programs implemented by the plan.

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