The Dynamic PBM Landscape

What’s next for payors

May 5, 2023

The PBM landscape is ever-changing, and though the system is working – from claim adjudication to drug dispensing, it’s important that payors understand what’s on the horizon. At Forum 2023, David Joyner, President, CVS Caremark & EVP, CVS Health outlined three challenges for payors:

  • Manufacturer pricing strategies
  • Restraints on networks
  • Oversight at state and federal levels

These challenges can contribute to increased costs for both payors and members.

As Joyner noted, CVS Caremark is working proactively to plan for the future, navigating marketplace trends. We will continue to prioritize lowest ​net cost; support our 110M+ plan members with access, coverage and care​; and pioneer a new model of coordinated care to help improve engagement and outcomes.

David Joyner presents on the main stage at Forum 2023.

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May 5, 2023