Digital Innovations Help Improve Patient Experience, Outcomes

Using Technology to Provide Targeted Support

November 4, 2019
Executive Vice President, Chief Pharmacy Officer, CVS Health

For plan members facing rare or complex conditions, CVS Specialty provides the expertise and support of CareTeams with specialized nurses, as well as a wide array of digital tools. Our use of technology helps members better manage their condition and improve outcomes, and enables CareTeams to offer targeted support tailored to their unique needs, ultimately helping lower overall health care costs. CVS Health has long been the industry leader in developing programs that leverage technology solutions to not only help improve outcomes, but also give members convenient ways to communicate with their CareTeam when and how they choose. Such technologies also give clinicians access to a wider range of patients’ health data, and an indepth view of their condition and needs so that clinicians can personalize care.

Easy Access to Information and Service

In the complex U.S. health care system, collaboration can be difficult, but with connected devices and systems those barriers can be overcome to enable better, more personalized care. CVS Specialty utilizes its own patient site, digital tools, and MyChart, the Epic EHR system’s secure portal for Accordant members. Together, they offer personalized health information, refill information and ordering, personalized care plans and interventions, and a vast library of educational materials.

Patients in a year-long CVS Specialty secure messaging pilot were 22 percent more likely to be optimally adherent

Managing a complex condition is difficult. Members often have co-morbidities and may be taking multiple medications to help manage them, which can make it harder for them to stay adherent. Non-adherence can happen because of a range of issues such as drug interactions and side effects in addition to a member simply forgetting to take their medications as prescribed.

CVS Specialty offers members secure two-way messaging, which allows them to communicate with their CareTeams about a range of clinical issues that may affect adherence. Given the widespread use of mobile devices, nurses can engage with, and provide targeted support, when and how it is most convenient for the member. Members can receive education on managing side effects, understanding their symptoms or lab test results, and avoiding adverse events, all of which can increase adherence and improve outcomes, while lowering overall health care costs.

Of eligible CVS Specialty patients, 80 percent are enrolled in our secure messaging program, which has demonstrated improvements in optimal adherence. We continue to enhance the program and will be adding the option for members to video chat with their CVS Specialty care team.CVS Health Enterprise Analytics, 2018. Data for first half of 2017. S1002720919

Digital Therapeutics and Remote Monitoring

The newest frontier in patient engagement and care enhancement is digital therapeutics, which includes apps, wearable and connected devices, such as exercise trackers or smart watches. More than one in four people wear a smart watch and 90 percent are willing to share their data with their health care professional, research shows.

CVS Health conducted its first remote monitoring pilot in 2016, with more than 1,000 chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients using secure messaging. CML patients need to maintain greater than 90 percent adherence in the first year after diagnosis to have the best chance at remission. Pilot participants were 22 percent more likely to be optimally adherent. The results of the pilot were publishing in the Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy on Friday. Following the success of the CML pilot, secure messaging was expanded to include 29 other conditions.

We take a test, learn from, and grow approach to continue to develop new digital solutions as technology advances and tools emerge. As part of this process, we conducted a year-long initial pilot with multiple sclerosis (MS) patients using smart watches. Of the patients enrolled in the pilot, 86 percent reported their symptoms and 75 percent took a walk test — a critical measure of whether the condition is well managed.Smartmonitor Apple Watch Survey Results, March 2019. Pilot study with 27 participants conducted for one year. Actual results may vary depending on benefit plan design, member demographics, programs implemented by the plan and other factors. P1003061019 Nurses use the self-reported metrics to help members better manage their condition as well as meet overall health goals.

                Smart Watch MS Patient Pilot 4

          90% actively used the tool

            96% uploaded health data daily
            86% reported symptoms             75% completed a walk test

 90% actively used the tool

 96% uploaded health data daily
 86% reported symptoms
 75% completed a walk test

The smart watch pilot was expanded this year to add more participants. CVS Specialty is continuing to expand its tests of additional digital therapeutic platforms for other conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and hemophilia, to bring the newest technology and strategies to condition management.

Wearable and connected devices enable members to track activity levels, log symptoms, take tests, alert a caregiver to a missed dosage, and set and receive reminders. They can also share all of this data with their CareTeam, which enables them to have a wider view of members’ activities, how well their condition is being managed, and share the information with their physicians. Access to more data gives physicians a broader picture of their experiences, especially between sometimes infrequent office visits, making their in-person interactions more productive.

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November 4, 2019
Executive Vice President, Chief Pharmacy Officer, CVS Health

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The source for data in this document is CVS Health Enterprise Analytics, unless otherwise noted.

Adherence results and savings may vary based upon a variety of factors such as plan design, demographics and programs adopted by the plan. Client-specific modeling available upon request.

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