COVID-19: How We're Monitoring the Drug Supply Chain

March 24, 2020

We are in the midst of an unprecedented situation, and we know you have many questions and concerns about the well-being of your plan members, your family and yourselves. As the facts about COVID-19 and the steps we need to take to mitigate its effects evolve, we want to assure you that we, as your business partner and provider, are staying ahead of what comes next.

We are closely monitoring the global drug manufacturing environment and currently, do not see any disruptions to the supply chain that may affect the ability of our CVS Health pharmacies to fill prescriptions for members.

Our monitoring process is real-time and includes the supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as brand and generic pharmaceutical products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also closely monitoring medications that are manufactured throughout the world. The agency reports that more than 180 manufacturers have been reminded to notify the FDA of any potential supply chain disruptions.

Based on current demand and continuous monitoring of medications that you and your members rely on us to provide, we have an adequate inventory and supply available across all product lines.

As always, we use predictive analytics to monitor usage trends so that we can anticipate, and adjust to, future needs well in advance. Please note that occasional shortages or product recalls that are not related to the virus may happen.

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Manufacturers we work with have also told us they do not anticipate any immediate supply issues. Given the fluid nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, we will continue to monitor the situation and work with our suppliers to address issues as they arise. We will alert clinicians to potential disruptions and share any contingency plans to address them. We will also keep you informed. We are here to support you. If you have any questions or concerns at all, we encourage you to reach out to your account representative. We’re in this together.

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March 24, 2020

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