Our Insights are written by CVS Health leaders and innovators, offering context and their perspectives on key pharmacy and health care topics.

Mitch Betses
Executive Vice President, Government Services, PBM Product and Process Innovation, CVS Health
Troy Brennan
Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health
Bob Darin
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Analytics, CVS Health
Candace Jodice
Vice President, Benefits, CVS Health
Brian Leadingham, Vice President, Client Service Operations, CVS Caremark
Vice President, Client Service Operations, CVS Caremark
Casey Leonetti
Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Benefit Management Innovation, CVS Health
Tammy Lewis
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, CVS Caremark
Alan Lotvin
Executive Vice President Specialty Pharmacy, CVS Health
Thomas Moriarty
Chief Health Strategy Officer, General Counsel, CVS Health
Rob O'Brien Portrait Photo
Vice President, Specialty Solutions, CVS Caremark
Anthony Palmieri
Vice President, Clinical Account Services, CVS Health
Jon Roberts
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, CVS Health
Derica Rice, Executive Vice President, CVS Health & President, CVS Caremark
Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Caremark
Melissa Schulman
Senior Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, CVS Health
Surya Singh
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Specialty Pharmacy, CVS Health