Advancing Our Technology Roadmap

Our commitment to providing industry-leading, digital-first experiences
April 28, 2023

In 2022, CVS Health served 115M plan members, processed 3.5B claims and 14M prior authorizations, and filled 63M mail order and specialty prescriptions. Our commitment to technology and innovation allows us to meet the needs of clients, members, and providers on a large scale.

Presenting on our technology roadmap at 2023 Forum, Callie Baumann, Vice President of IT Operations and Client Delivery at CVS Health, highlighted our top priorities as a pharmacy benefit manager: investing in our core capabilities and providing seamless digital experiences.

Callie Baumann explains CVS Health's technology investments at 2023 Forum.

To maintain the reliability of our core systems, we test and deploy industry-leading technology to each of our platforms. CVS Health continues to invest in our claims adjudication platform, find ways to streamline our specialty platform, and introduce AI-powered technology to alleviate friction associated with prior authorizations.

Stakeholder satisfaction is our North Star, and we know satisfaction looks different for clients, members, and providers. We want our clients to rely on us their trusted pharmacy benefit manager. Solutions like MyPBM, a cloud-based, self-service platform, drive efficiency, transparency, and value for our clients, offering the ability to access, review, and update plans from a single platform.

For members, we know that every interaction is an opportunity to build trust, which is why we are investing in enhanced solutions such as online chat, improving our mobile experience, and reimagining digital onboarding.

We are also committed to reducing administrative burden for our provider partners. From tools that support benefit and cost transparency to our enhanced EHR connectivity, we enable providers to provide a better, more seamless clinical experience.

CVS Health’s industry-leading technology paired with our overall reach enables us to provide this level of service and allows us to push the needle on what is possible.

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April 28, 2023

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