Caremark Cost Saver

Lower Member Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs Without Going Off Benefit

For many of us, prescription drugs are essential to managing our health, so affordability and accessibility are critical. Soaring prescription drug prices can put a financial strain on many Americans, who often turn to drug discount cards or direct-to-consumer online pharmacies to save money. Historically, these have not integrated with plan benefits, resulting in:

  • An inability to capture significant data that informs clinical support models
  • Disjointed care experiences for members when intervention opportunities are missed
  • Hidden costs when member spending does not count toward their deductible
  • Wasted time when members must shop around for the best price

Maximizing value, delivering confidence

Helping to lower costs and ensure continuity of care is more important than ever, so we’re introducing Caremark Cost Saver, powered by GoodRx, to make sure members can get low prescription prices.

Cost Saver complements your plan design by:

  • Providing members with the best available prices for many commonly prescribed, non-specialty generic drugs
  • Applying member out-of-pocket costs to deductibles and out-of-pocket thresholds
  • Coordinating clinical support and adherence programs using integrated data
  • Delivering a seamless member experience that avoids wasted time shopping around for the best price

James Moore, VP of Specialty Product Management, discusses our Cost Saver offering.

Want to learn more about how Cost Saver keeps costs low for members? Contact us
Want to learn more about how Cost Saver keeps costs low for members?
Contact us

How Caremark Cost Saver works

Cost Saver provides eligible members with automatic access to GoodRx's prescription pricing that allows them to pay lower prices, when available, on generic medications. This experience is seamless to members. When a member visits the pharmacy to collect their prescription, they need only present their CVS Caremark ID card at their preferred in-network pharmacy. The amount paid will automatically be applied to their deductible and out-of-pocket threshold. No action is required by the member.

From the left, the graphic shows an icon of a pharmacist with text reading: Prescription sent to pharmacy. Next, there is an icon of a benefit card with text beneath it reading: Pharmacist submits claim using member's Caremark ID. Then, at the top of the next graphic, text reads: drug comparison occurs, indicating that Cost Saver works behind the scenes. An icon of a two gears shows how the process is invisible to members and pharmacists. At the bottom of the graphic, there is a side-by-side comparison of cost: on the left reads: $20 with the CVS Caremark logo beneath; on the right reads, $16, with the text drug discount price beneath. To the right of this graphic, there is an icon of a hand holding a heart with text reading, Claim returns with patient owes amount of $16. Finally, there is an icon of a prescription bottle with text reading: Member pays $16. That payment is applied to the deductible and no paper claims are necessary

In the vast majority of cases, members receive the lowest price on non-specialty generic medications through their Caremark prescription drug benefit. However, the price for any given drug may fluctuate frequently, even from one day to the next. Our integration of GoodRx helps to smooth the dynamic nature of the market and ensure that members receive the most competitive price for their prescription drugs.

With Cost Saver, you can be confident that your members are receiving the best possible price without going off benefit.

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