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The Cost of Administering COVID-19 Vaccines

In 2021, hundreds of millions of Americans took the important step of vaccinating themselves against COVID-19. The cost of administering these vaccines had the largest impact on non-specialty trend growth this year. In 2022, vaccine administration costs will impact drug trend again, likely further compounded with actual costs of COVID-19 vaccines or treatments in the market. No matter what course the pandemic takes, we will work with our clients to find ways to help support COVID-19 vaccinations and alleviate the associated but necessary costs.

Throughout this report, we present our overall drug trend exclusive of these necessary – and unavoidable – drug costs but have included their effect on non-specialty trend here for transparency.

The Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines on Non-Specialty Trend

Chart titled “The Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines on Non-Specialty Trend: showing that With COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Costs, Non-Specialty Trend was 1.8% compared to -1.3% Non-Specialty Trend without COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Costs

Graph - The Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines on Non-Specialty Trend